Coursework for my MBA is Completed on to my FMP

I have completed the coursework for my MBA and now it is time to move on to my Final Management Project. Given my specialization in Innovation Management I am doing my FMP on the concept of Crowd Funding. Crowd funding turns the concept of financing a business completely on its head and has provided additional streams of funding. I look forward to the challenge of conducting a crowd funding project and researching the reasons behind the concept. At the same time I want to look at the future of crowd funding and how it will affect future legislation in the United States. 

Joseph Gill

My Specialization in Innovation Management is Completed

Today was the final course in my specialization. The most amusing thing is that this is one of the most challenging specializations at GGSB and I am going to miss this course. 

I would like to thank the teachers and classmates for making this one of the greatest experiences in my life. 

Joseph Gill


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