Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Appealing Innovation 2:
Google's Self-Driving Car

The Future of Driving

Google is bringing driving into the future. My next appealing innovation post is dedicated to the Google's Self Driving Car. When one thinks of innovation the concept of a car that drives itself takes the cake. As this technology is perfected it will completely change our daily lives. Just imagine a small car designed to take children to school and activities, or the ability to reduce the number of deaths related to drunk driving.

The possibilities are endless and as you can see from the video below this technology is already improving one person's life in a completely fundamental way. The first owner of the Google Self Driving Car is blind. This car will give him the freedom to travel as he likes without relying on others.

The future of driving is now and process of change has begun. the state of Nevada has become the first state to grant a self driving license with several other states soon to follow. Now just imagine how this technology is going to change your life. That is why Google's self driving car is such an appealing innovation.


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